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Kids Boxing

We are now taking enrolments for our latest term of “Kids Boxing” classes. Designed for kids aged 8-12 years, our Kids Boxing program teaches the foundations of amateur boxing in safe, non-contact classes.

Fantastic for improving fitness, agility, hand-eye coordination and confidence and loads of fun, your child will begin to understand the basics of good boxing form and technique, learning real skills that they can apply in future training. Classes are held at our Nth Lyneham Boxing facility each Monday during the school term from 4 pm. The program is priced at just $110 for the term. Class numbers are capped so enrol early to avoid disappointment.  Email for more information!

Learn to Box:

Held at one of the best boxing gyms in Canberra’s inner north, our boxing classes are the fun way to build fitness and learn real boxing skills.  Led by experienced and qualified coaches, our program is perfect for athletes of all level of fitness and experience from first-timers to seasoned sparrers.

Amateur Boxing

Amateur boxing is a point scoring sport. With a focus on fair matching and strict refereeing, amateur boxing is renowned as one of the safest sports practiced worldwide, boasting a lower injury rate than nearly any other sport.

Flames Fitness offers coaching for amateur boxers. Quinten Brown (Head Coach) is a registered amateur boxing coach and a registered professional boxing coach. With over 30 years boxing experience as both a competitor and coach, you are always in good hands when you train with Quinten.

Boxing drills may also be incorporated into personal fitness programs. Contact our office to find out more.

You must register to compete as an amateur boxer. Visit the Boxing ACT website to obtain the registration form.

Boxing classes

Nth Lyneham: Monday, Wednesday 6:30pm -8pm. Friday 5:30pm - 6:30pm (invitational class), Saturday Sparring 2pm.

Please note: Phillip classes have all been moved to our main facilities in Nth Lyneham Mon/Wed 6:30pm - 8pm


Boxing tournaments are held in Canberra 5-6 times a year as well as interstate tournaments. If you wish to compete, our coach will manage the preparations such as your weigh-in, getting you matched with a suitable opponent (sometimes arranged prior to the tournament), ensuring you are properly rested prior to the match, helping you warm-up and providing last minute advice before the match. Your coach will be with you in your corner of the ring helping you throughout the actual fight.

Weight divisions

Weight divisions were developed to limit the chance of injury experienced by a smaller boxer fighting a larger one. Boxers are sorted into divisions based on their weight and experience, meaning that a 65-kilogram boxer will not be in the ring against someone twice their weight. The technique taught and assessed is the same between divisions, but the match is fairer and safer.


Training is held 2 times a week in the gym. You should also practice in your own time for an additional 1-3 times per week.

Boxing classes at Flame Fitness are structured into levels. Graduation to a higher level only happens when you have satisfied the coach that you have learnt and developed proficiency in the relevant skills. This ensures that everyone will mastered the basics of the sport such as footwork, correct jab technique and hip/shoulder involvement, etc, at the start before moving on to the more complicated skills.

Only after the coach determines that you have sufficiently developed your skills will you be allowed to spar. Sparring provides a way for amateur boxers to put into practice the moves and combinations that they have learnt through their training, helping them identify flaws in their technique or understanding. If you are not interested in sparring then you don’t have to do it; you will still gain a lot from the basic training.

Boxing for juniors

Boxing classes are for all age groups. Juniors from the age of 10 are allowed to compete, but they are not obligated to spar as the training is great as a cross training activity that complements almost any sport. Your child will build hand-eye coordination, fitness and speed as well as improved self-confidence.

Kids classes are held on Monday afternoons from 4-5pm. Classes are run in term blocks aligned with the school term for convenience, and are strictly non-contact. Please contact Quinten for more information at

Ten visit passes

Ten visit passes are available at a discounted rate. The pass must be presented every class, or the full rate will be charged. Simply give the pass to the coach each session and have the pass clipped, and away you go! Speak to the staff about getting your pass.

Ten visit starter pass

These passes are the same as the regular ten visit pass but you also get a skipping rope and hand wraps included in the cost.

Professional Boxing

Quinten Brown is also a registered professional Boxing Coach. He is able to train and manage professional boxers looking to start take their career to the next level. Call Quinten at the North Lyneham gym for more information regarding the professional stable.


Casual visit  $20

10 visit pass  From $140 (2 month expiry)

10 visit Starter Pass  $155

Sparring sessions (Saturdays 2pm at Nth Lyneham,check our facebook page to confirm from week to week )  Session cost $15