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Fitness Classes and Programs in Canberra Can Help Awaken Your Gluteal Muscles

Fitness Classes Canberra from Flames Fitness – I have a sitting job and during my past 8 years of professional life, the most common problem that I have faced along with several of my colleagues is the laziness of my gluteal muscles. I use to sit on chair for longer hours while working on PC and years after years has made my gluteal muscle so much lethargic that I can’t even think running or sprinting for even 5 minutes. I have become scared from suffering from the problem of muscle atrophy, when I have been advised by one of my colleagues to reactivate my lazy gluteal muscle with an effective workout fitness classes in any of the gyms in my Canberra city.

This workout has not help me in reviving strength in my gluteal muscle, but now I can easily sprint faster, jump for longer duration, lift heavier, without putting extra burden on my body. Overwhelmed by the fitness classes conducted by my personal trainers, here I am going to share few physical activities that I have been asked by them to perform on a regular basis to gain the strength in my gluteal muscle back.

Fitness classes Canberra – Hip Thrusters

This is really one of the most strenuous personal training given during my fitness program where I have been asked to place a barbell straight above my hip and start the exercising by pushing it through my feet by extending my hips vertically through the bar. Although it requires a good amount of your inner strength, but it is one of the most effective way of awakening your gluteal muscles.

One leg lifting without weight

You can do it by balancing on your one leg and keeping your body slightly bent. Then you can bend you knee at the back of you and begin pushing your higher body towards the ground.  Although, you might find making balance a bit difficult in the starting, but my own experience says that after sometime, you will start enjoying these fitness classes the most entertaining to perform.

Leg raise by side slouch

During my physical training at the gym, I can say that this exercise is one of the easiest and fastest ways of reviving strength in your gluteal muscles back. What you have to do is to lie down on the ground by your side and raise one your legs straight as far as possible and then repeat it for at least 10 minutes.

So these are the three main exercises included in my daily fitness classes at my gym in Canberra that helped me a lot in regaining strength in my muscles. If you are also sailing on the same boat as I was sailing earlier.

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