Resistance Training

Flames fact sheet (Resistance Training)

The bottom line is that every body should be doing resistance training.

Resistance training is a crucial part of a fitness regime. If you are not doing any resistance training then you are not training correctly! No matter what your goals are resistance training has a place in your program.

The human body stops growing at about the age of 25, and it begins to do the opposite. Cells that have stopped dividing start to die off. It is a fact that through regular exercise the aging process can be slowed and muscle and bone tissue can actually be regenerated.

When muscle tissue is lost then your metabolism (the amount of energy your body burns to keep you alive) will begin to slow down making it harder for you to burn off the calories that you consume each day. This in turn sees us get fatter. If we wish to lose fat then we need to build this metabolism back up – and therefore the muscle tissue. The only way to stimulate growth is through resistance training.
The way we train can have different effects on our body (such as toning or bodybuilding etc) and therefore a program should be designed specifically for the individual.


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