At Flames fitness our focus is on our members and helping them achieve their life goals through health and wellbeing. We pride ourselves on the results our members achieve.

Here are some testimonials from our happy Flames fitness family*:


*We recently asked Tuggeranong member Jan Dachs a few questions about her experiences with Flames fitness.



What made you decide to Join Flames fitness –


The fact that it was more than just a gym where you go to workout. It has personal training at an affordable price.

What are your health and fitness goals –


To maintain an optimal weight, feel energetic and comfortable with my size and to progress into retirement in a fit and healthy state so that I can actually enjoy it.

What made you decide to do the Flames fitness detox program –


After dealing with a stressful situation at work, I turned to comfort food and put on about 10kg*. Also, with Christmas, holidays, summer etc. I just kept on going and forgot to reverse back to my good eating habits.

How effective did you find both the detox program and the training program from Flames fitness –


I found the detox program very effective as it put me back on track to eating a healthy diet. I lost weight and feel more comfortable in myself and in my clothes! The training program with Flames complemented the detox as one is not effective without the other.

Please give a brief outline of the service you receive from the Flames fitness trainers and what you like about them –


The trainers ask me what my goals are and what I want to achieve. They consider my injuries when designing a program and design it around exercise that I enjoy.

Have the Flames fitness trainers assisted you in achieving your goals –


Yes, twice in the past 2 years. I initially lost 16kg* then put on and have now lost again.

What results have you achieved so far both physically and mentally –


With tailored exercises to strengthen my knee and my lower back, I feel that they are both a lot stronger than when I first started with Flames. I a pretty toned for a 51 year old and still managed to get into a bikini last summer without embarrassing myself or my family. Mentally, I have remained committed to my training regime and now it is just part of what I do. I would never consider not exercising after seeing the importance of it. I know that I am giving myself the best chance of living a long and healthy life.

Would you recommend others to train with Flames fitness and to try the detox program?


Absolutely. It is not as difficult as I thought it would be. The hardest part is the first 3 days and that goes by pretty quickly. The next 7 days is strict but I found that I was eating plenty of food and sometimes couldn’t eat everything I was supposed to. The following 14 days is just simple, clean eating which is what we should be maintaining most of the time. I have learnt that it is ok to have treats once a week but to substitute the unhealthy treats for the healthy treats. I have picked up a lot of great recipes and have susbstituted much of my pantry for healthier options. It has set me up for life!

Thank you to my coach

Any coach will do well if they are given a naturally talented balanced co-ordinated intuitive athlete to work with, but a great coach can inspire and bring out the best in anyone.  I am not a natural athlete.  When I joined Flames Fitness, I had started to lose some weight, gained some fitness and I had a great work ethic, but I was completely uncoordinated and still moved poorly.  I was slow, had no plyometric strength and walked with a waddling gait, like you might expect from someone who has been overweight and led a sedentary life.  Quinten has had patience and skill to work with a completely uncoordinated non-athlete.  He has inspired and coached me to achieve far more than I would ever have imagined possible.  I am now the Australian title holder in my age and weight division and I am not the first Flames boxer to attain an Australian title.  Flames fitness is all about assisting people who want to make a change but need a little bit of assistance.  Not everyone will want to take it to an elite level, that takes allot of work, but everyone can enjoy the benefits of being a little bit fitter.  You set your goals and the team at Flames will help you to get there – and maybe even inspire you to reach a little bit further – to achieve more than you might have thought possible when you started.

*My name is Chris Busic and I have been doing a 12 week strength and fitness program at Flames Fitness in Phillip.

I am writing to say that I have been blown away with the service, professionalism, programs, attitude that I have received from your gym and trainers.

I have used all sorts of gyms before from fighting gyms, mainstream gyms, one on one (very expensive) personal training and the level of service and attention I received from flames fitness Phillip far surpassed them all. Not only is the service great I have real results! I am able to do things now I never thought I could do. I am amazed at how much my strength has improved.

Although I have had a positive experience with the whole team I have to give a special thanks to your trainers Erik and John. They really pushed me to do everything I could and the results I have show this. You can tell they truly have a passion for their work. For the price I paid for the program I felt I was taking advantage of your trainers as I spent a lot of time with them, asked them a lot of questions and received a very high level of service. I would have happily paid more for my program.

I also really enjoyed the programs Erik wrote for me, he really listened to what I asked for on day one. He was able to alter them as required. I also enjoyed abusing him on freelance days when he decided to up the intensity.

I have been training with an end goal, I am off to start working for the Australian Army on the 25th of June. I am sad that i wont be able to continue my training at Flames. But thanks to your trainers I am confident that I will be able to make it through my basic training and continue to accomplish my fitness goals.

I will and have been recommending Flames Fitness to everyone.


Thank you

Chris Busic 

*I Love Flames fitness. The trainers (especially Erik and John) have been brilliant. There’s not many other things that would make me get out of bed at 0430! I am definitely fitter and stronger. I am also sleeping better.

Natalie Rimlinger



             *Disclaimer – Results may vary from person to person