Unfortunately to the the Current Pandemic the powers that be have forced Fitness facilities to close, and yes that doesn’t make much sense when you take into account that Flames fitness does offer an essential service for our members mental and Physical welbing, we Operate on a strict booking basis and never allow the gym to have crowding issues and thus enforcing a social distancing rule is very simple in our environment…. That aside, we were forced to close.


We have come up with an awesome Plan B!

Flames Online – Personal Training & Remote Fitness Coaching: This new plan allows us to keep offering our unique point of difference… Our Fitness coaches. We have an awesome  Online portal that allows our trainers to keep close track of programs that they set individually for members, and this program is delivered with detailed fully instructed Video demonstrations of every exercise. The portal allows your trainer to track your progress and make changes as often as needed, and the Cherry on top?… Twice a week you will have a live coaching call with your trainer who will help coach you towards Health and fitness success offering Dietary advice, Program reviews, motivation and goal setting. This ensures that there is accountability which is usually the number one reason why training at home fails for most. Whats even better is that YOU DON’T NEED ANY EQUIPMENT. We can design training plans with whatever you have access to and you will be surprised how effective our trainers can design programs with the very least.


To get started Simply fill in the form below and one of our team of Expert coaches will call to answer any questions you may have and get things started.

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