Let’s face it, as we get a little older, some things in life really start to become more important to us. Things that probably should have been more of a priority when we were younger. Having good health, a healthy heart and lungs, a strong body and mind, the ability to possibly live a little longer and feeling great are now things that become top of mind and for good reason. Life is short and we should want to get the most out of it. At Flames fitness we understand that being healthy is not necessarily about looking like Arnold or Elle, or going to extremes. Being healthy is far simpler, it doesn’t need to take over your life but it does require a commitment and just like anything worth having, its worth working for.

Key things you will need to add to your lifestyle are weight bearing exercise and cardiovascular exercise. This will help to increase metabolism with muscle mass, bone density, and circulation. Your mobility and flexibility will also be improved as a side effect with this type of exercise.

At Flames fitness we have over 20 years of experience helping people just like you achieve and maintain their health and fitness goals. Our dedicated team will design a specific program just for you and we will guide you every session through your program to ensure what you are doing is right for you and your body.

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