Plan # 1 Shapeup & Fat-Loss

The benefits of this package are enormous. The goal setting session will help to establish some firm short and long tem goals in writing that will help to ad perspective and direction to your personally tailored program. The Diet manual combined with scheduled checkups to re test and measure progress will help to keep the motivation going throughout the membership. Our continued contact with coaches assisting you through every session and friendly reminders if you miss a session will help to leave nothing to chance. If you are serious about results and changing your shape this is the package for you.

12 weeks includes: Initial assessment with goal setting session, bio-impedance testing + 1 optional check up at 6 weeks with further bio-impedance test. Fitness test, Dietary handbook, dietary recall, UNLIMITED personal training sessions! from as less than $75 per week if you commit to our 12 month plan.

Plan # 2 Peak Strength & Fitness

It’s time to get serious about reaching your fitness and strength potential. This package gives you all the benefits of having a personal fitness coach assisting you through every session and pushing you to your limits as well as kicking off with a goal setting session to clearly outline a direction for your training and enable us to periodize your programs to maximize on results. You will get a copy of our training for strength dietary handbook, and your program will be reviewed and modified at 6 weeks.

12 weeks includes: Full goal setting session, bio-impedance testing, fitness or strength testing, 6 week program and optional review and retest, Meal replacement supplement, UNLIMITED personal training sessions! From less than $75 per week if you commit to our 12 month plan.

Plan # 3 Rehab Package

For Over 18 years we have been designing rehabilitation programs for a variety of goals from knee and shoulder reconstruction recovery, to lower back strength and mobility. Whatever the ailment we can design a program that can work with or around a specific injury or better yet rehabilitate it back to full functionality when ever possible.

12 weeks includes: Our unique personal coaching every session to ensure correct technique and progress, a full assessment where we get to the root of the problem and discuss all possible options, a comprehensive personal program and a check up and full program review at 6 weeks.

Plan # 4 Keep it moving

This package is simple, you combine our unique personal fitness coaches assistance every session with a tailored program designed with your goals in mind. We start with a standard assessment and program discussion, then book you in to start training. If you miss your sessions we even call you!

20 weeks includes: 2 Standard assessments and programs (week 1 and week 11). UNLIMITED Personal training sessions. From less than $69.17 per week if you commit to our 12 month plan.

10 weeks option includes: standard assessment, personal program and personal fitness coaching every session.

Plan # 5 Stay on Track

Let us help you stay on track. If you cant get to us as often as you would like, this program is the one to help keep you on track. The “stay on track” package is designed for the person who has a busy hectic schedule of work/sports and other activities, and just needs that friendly weekly push back in the right direction. The program lets you come in once per week and work on your program with our trainers. We can make all the adjustments to technique and intencity to steer you in the right direction until next session. This program will also help if you are on a particularly low budget but still want the benefits of personal training that Flames fitness is known for.

12 weeks includes: initial screening and program design, 1 session at the time of your choice at Flames fitness under the guidance of our trainers. This package works out at just $41per week.

As of 1st of September 2019 the fees are as follows (all prices are inclusive of GST) Please contact one of our gyms for up to date Package Prices

Option   Price
Boxing Class/Ten Visit Pass 2 month expiry/Ten visit pass 4 month expiry $25/$150/$165
Bio-Impedance Test (scheduled times only) $65
4 Session Pack $175
6 week Kick Start membership (includes standard assessment and program) unlimited sessions $499
One-on-one personal training (in or out of the gym) $90/session

Fortnightly payments (direct debit – credit card or bank account only)*

Please call for fortnightly Direct Debit pricing

* Debit First admin fees apply, Cancellation fees apply, loyalty bonus is void if membership is not renewed immediately upon due date.

Memberships are not transferable, 2 week maximum suspension per 10 or 12 weeks

Cancellation Policy: We require a minimum of 12 hours notice prior to cancelling an initial assessment appointment. A fee of $100 will be charged to the credit card used to secure the booking if inadequate notice is given.

membership admin charges will apply to suspension. No suspension permitted on 6 week memberships

Strictly NO Refunds, and NO Transfers.

Services we offer our clients

Corporate Fitness

Gain your fitness goals through our corporate fitness programs specially designed by Quinten Brown for a healthy working day. Visit us to see firsthand why we’re the best gym in Canberra.

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Over 50s Program

Let’s face it, as we get a little older, some things in life really start to become more important to us. Visit us in Lyneham or Phillip for personalised training for over 50s.

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personal training

Behind every successful athlete is a great coach. And behind our clients is a whole team of fantastic coaches. Kickstart your personal training journey in northside or southside Canberra today.

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Online Training

Live too far from Lyneham, Phillip or Tuggeranong? Flames fitness offer the best online training service in the industry when you come in to our facilities.

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Personal Fitness

Flames Fitness is the only facility of its kind. We offer you all the benefits of having your own personal trainer for a fraction of the cost. Check us out in inner north or south Canberra, from Lyneham to Phillip and close to Tuggeranong. 

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Indoor Small Group Circuits

Lose weight,
Increase Strength,
Increase Cardio Fitness,
HAVE FUNFriendly and supportive trainers
Non aggressive
Ladies Only.

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