Strength Training

It’s time to get serious about reaching your fitness and strength potential.

Getting significant increases in your strength requires a strategy that will see basic stimulus to encourage muscle to grow combined with the right nutrition to ensure the right recovery. It’s not a case of simply lifting weights as that is how the majority of injuries occur in the typical gym setting. Rather it is a case of creating a balanced program that equally stimulates all muscles in the body and gradually and progressively overloads the contractile units encouraging growth on a cellular level. Getting this wrong almost always results in injuries overtime. Our facilities cater for any level of strength goal whether it is simply to be able to carry the grocery bags more efficiently or to maximise on your bodies strength potential.

Our Strength program gives you all the benefits of having a personal fitness coach assisting you through every session and pushing you to your limits as well as kicking off with a goal setting session to clearly outline a direction for your training and enable us to periodise your programs to maximize on results. You will get a copy of our training for strength dietary handbook, and your program will be reviewed and modified at the 6 week midpoint.

12 weeks includes: Full goal setting session, SOZO bio-impedance Spectroscopy testing, fitness or strength testing, 6 week program review and retest, Meal replacement supplement, UNLIMITED personal training sessions! From Less then $75 per week if you commit to our 12 month plan.

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