Unique Personal Training Fitness Centre!

Who are we? has your past experience in gyms been something like this….

  • You feel intimidated by all of the fancy equipment ?
  • You feel everyone stares at you when you walk in ?
  • You worry that you will forgot your workout routine and there is no one around you to ask for help ?
  • And you are part of production line with no personal caring?
  • You feel you need to get fit before going to the gym.

“At Flames fitness we excel in providing a unique gym experience where everyone is made to feel welcome, supported and happy whilst getting results. Think of us as your helping guiding hand.”


We are here to guide you

Your unique experience begins when you arrive, with your Team knowing your name. You follow a workout that has been designed to fit in with your life and your goals. If you are not sure about anything your trainer supervising your work is there to guide you every step of the way.

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Come in And try us

The best way for you to see and feel how different Flames Fitness is to anything in Canberra, is to come in and try us. Click on the link below to receive 2 complimentary workouts in the club with one of our Team. You can trust us to help you achieve everything you have wanted with your health, fitness and well-being.

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