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Weight Loss or losing weight can be the most rewarding thing that you may ever do but it can also be the most difficult. The key is to create a lifestyle change that will see you steadily achieve your weight loss goal and then easily maintain it when you get there. The recipe is simple overall….. Diet and Exercise. We don’t usually like using the word DIET however, to begin with, the first 3 letters spell out what result most people get by going on them, they DIE. Most people associate a diet with depriving their body of nutrients (quite often nutrients that their body needs to survive) for a period of time until they weigh a particular number on the scales. This is not how we like to achieve sustainable results. You are far better off creating an eating pattern that has you eating foods that bring you cellular health and a frequency of eating that helps to actually speed your metabolism and make your body an energy burning machine. Combine this with regular exercise, that includes some resistance training to help speed metabolism even more through your muscle tissue, and you will see results that will both make you look and feel fantastic.

Plan # 1 Shapeup & Weight-Loss

The benefits of this package are enormous. The goal setting session will help to establish some firm short and long term goals in writing that will help to ad perspective and direction to your personally tailored program. The Diet manual combined with scheduled check-ups to re test and measure progress will help to keep the motivation going throughout the membership. Our continued contact with coaches assisting you through every session and friendly reminders if you miss a session will help to leave nothing to chance. If you are serious about results and changing your shape this is the package for you.

12 weeks includes: Initial assessment with goal setting session, SOZO Body Composition analysis testing + 1 optional check up at 6 weeks with further SOZO Body Composition analysis test. Fitness test, Dietary handbook, dietary recall, UNLIMITED personal training sessions! from Less Than $75 per week if you commit to our 12 month plan.

Our personal weight loss program in Canberra will help you for safe and lasting weight loss under the guidance of expert trainers.

Weight loss manual

This training tool is designed specifically for those that can’t get to a gym. The manual contains valuable information on how to get started and exactly what to do to start on your Weight Loss journey. The manual contains 3 different programs, diet diary and diet tips for safe and lasting Weight loss.

The manual is only $19.95 plus postage, email your order to q@flamesfitness.com.au

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