Fitness Classes Canberra from Flames Fitness – Don’t Forget your BUTT! One thing you will hear quite often by any of our trainers are terms such as “Squeeze your Glutes!” Glute engagement is a key to correct posture and use of your body when doing any exercise. Your core muscles will engage, your Back will be aligned and the muscles right down your legs will also switch on giving you better balance, coordination and prevent injury. Your Glutes help to tie everything together. So please don’t think we are being too forward when we mention your butt in training with any of our Personal Trainers at Flames fitness in Canberra, we are simply making sure you are being the best you can be!

Fitness Classes!

ahh the old group class…. Jack of all trades master of NONE! at Flames fitness we specifically don’t run large generic group classes like ordinary gyms do, and that is simply because we care. We care about you and your time and making sure you get the best outcome. there are thousands of exercises and every body is different, some exercises will be good for one person but incredibly bad for another. At Flames fitness we ensure that every single member has a unique and purpose designed program and our skilled team are dedicated to making sure you are doing the program the way it should be. This doesn’t mean that there isnt a “group” environment in the gym at all, it just means that if multiple people are training in the same space they are each doing something that is uniquely specific and beneficial for them.

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