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Personal training

 Every successful athlete has a great coach behind them that helps to guide them to the being the best they can be through personal training. Having a Personal Trainer should be like having your own expert coach.

At Flames fitness we know that every individual is not necessarily an elite athlete but will achieve their best with our expert personal trainers guidance in Canberra. Established in 1996 by Quinten Brown, Flames fitness in Canberra offer a unique level of service that ensures every member receives all the benefits of having their own personal trainer but for a fraction of the cost of any personal trainer in the market place. Our trainers are there when you need them but not standing over you when you don’t , allowing them to help a small number of like minded members at the same time so the cost is vastly reduced.

Don’t worry, our trainers are there to set up all the equipment, teach and guide correct form and technique, offer dietary guidance and encourage and support you so you get the most out of your training. Our personally tailored training plans cater for just about any health and fitness related goals, from weight loss to strength and even injury rehabilitation and basic mobility. Our expert team will design the best plan for you and never leave you to figure it out on your own, we even give you friendly reminder calls if miss a session because we know that the only way we can help you to achieve what you desire is keep you focused and coming in. Statistically gyms have a bad reputation for taking your money and not having much else to do with you until your fees are due again, with 80% of gym goers not actually Going to the gym. At Flames fitness because of our expert attention to detail and professional guidance we have reversed that statistic with over 99% usage and therefore far better results and thus value for money.

So why not see for yourself and come in to experience the Flames fitness difference. We look forward to seeing you very soon to help you with your health and fitness.


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