At Flames fitness we are always striving to offer the best for our members to ensure that we are helping get the best outcomes possible. We don’t believe in following Fads that the fitness industry is notorious for creating purely in a drive to squeeze out dollars from unsuspecting public, but rather follow the basic principles that science has uncovered and usually over many years. Bioimpedence testing has been used for a number of years for giving a sound measurement of what is actually going on within the body and helps us chart progress and set goals, the latest and by far most advanced testing is now here and we are proud to say that we will be offering this in our training plans. Bioimpedence Spectoscopy is the most accurate way to measure your Hydration, Active tissue (muscle mass) and Fat Mass. This also lets us know where in your body you are storing and retaining fluids which in turn can help diagnose numerous things. Bottom line, we are going way past what the scales may tell you and breaking down in detail what effect the training is having and in turn charting the best course to the right training for you.

SOZO testing is now included in all Shape-up and strength plans at no extra charge. Come and see us today to get started.

Check out this link to see a detailed description of SOZO noninvasive bioimpedance spectroscopy (BIS)

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