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Get a 10week Unlimited Plan for ONLY $99!

Wow! 25 years, that Flew!

Flames fitness was established in January of 1996 and this year we are officially 25 years…. Young.

To celebrate, we are having a unique special offer / Competition.

If you have never experienced the Flames fitness Unique approach to health and fitness coaching or it has been many years since you visited us, simply register to come in for a complimentary session and we will not only show you what Awesome service we have to offer but will also enter your name in the draw to win one of 10, 10 week memberships at the same ridiculous price we charged when we first opened in 1996…. $99.

That means you could have

10 weeks unlimited personal training with a personally tailored program for only $99.

Its Crazy but we still think its crazy how fast the time has gone.


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