As the new year comes around, many of us plan to start heading to the gym and hopefully this time, stick to it.

However, simply having a gym membership might not cut it. It’s hard to motivate yourself to constantly go to the gym. Plus if you’re fairly new to the fitness world, walking into a gym and looking at all the people and equipment can be a tad bit overwhelming. If you’re serious about getting fit and healthy, there are many benefits a personal trainer can bring to helping you meet your goals.

Gym equipment 101

From treadmills to rowing machines and resistance bands: there’s many types of equipment at the gym, each serving their own purpose. Familiarising yourself with all the equipment takes time and patience. A personal trainer can aid you in this process by teaching you all you need to know about the use and function of each equipment. They will be able to assist in using the right equipment, in the right manner based on your specific goals.

Whether it’s muscle gains, increasing cardio or fat burning, your personal trainer will have the knowledge to determine an exercise regime that is best for your unique needs.

Motivation and accountability

It’s tiresome exercising on your own — you can easily feel demotivated and lack the focus to keep coming back. A personal trainer will be by your side with encouraging talk to keep you going. Plus, they will hold you accountable for days you’ve skipped on the gym and help you get back on track to avoid losing progress.

A personal trainer helps make your fitness journey into a lifestyle as opposed to another obligation you have to go through. On top of that, you’ll be in the same circle of other individuals undertaking a similar journey to yours, giving you a network and circle of connection.

Tailored to you

Just like the name suggests, this fitness regime will be tailored specifically to your needs, capabilities and goals. You have the opportunity to have quality time with a fitness expert to ask all your questions and find something that works for you. From dietary advice to explaining how to increase endurance, your personal trainer will be there for you.

Finding the right personal trainer

If you’ve been contemplating your fitness journey, Flames Fitness has a number of friendly, qualified personal trainers in Canberra. Our gym and services are designed to make you feel comfortable while pushing you to achieve your best fitness potential.  

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