Having dedicated fitness experts by your side as you navigate your way through exercise and gym equipment is a fantastic and empowering way to meet your fitness goals. They can give you invaluable insight and help organise complementary and smart workout strategies for you.

However, we understand that getting a personal trainer can feel slightly intimidating; which is why Flames Fitness has decided to give our readers an insight into what they can expect when enlisting the help of our personal trainers here in Canberra.


Getting to Know You

At your very first session, your personal trainer will take the time to get to know you. They’ll have conversations about your personal fitness goals, your experience with exercise and your limitations. However, this isn’t limited to your first session, your relationship with your personal trainers is ongoing. The time you spend together will help them understand you and your goals better.

The more they know you, your drive and your capabilities, the better they can tailor regimes and push you to work toward your goals.


Familiarising and Planning

As you and your trainers work with each other, you’ll become familiar and acclimatised to their teaching methods and motivation strategy. In a similar manner, they should adapt and change their strategies based on where you are at.

From there, both of you can work together to set goals and expectations for your fitness journey. These goals can change and develop overtime based on your progress and your trainer will be more than happy to guide you as you go along. They will also offer tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle to complement your fitness goals in the gym. From dietary advice to simple workout routines you can perform at home — they aren’t just here to help you at the gym, they are here to help you achieve a healthy lifestyle suited to your routine and ability.


Ask Questions

Your relationship with your personal trainers goes both ways. They aren’t just there to tell you what to do. If you have questions, doubts, hesitations or concerns, feel free to talk to your trainer about them. Some questions you could think about asking during training sessions include: ‘Where should I be feeling this exercise?’, ‘What is a realistic timeframe to see visible results?’ or even ‘Do you think I am pushing myself enough/too much?’.

Flames Fitness has many experienced, qualified and passionate personal trainers in Canberra to help you make the most of your fitness journey. Give us a call today on 6257 1483 (North Lyneham location) or 6285 1122 (Phillip location) to find the perfect trainer for you.

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