The decision to commit and get into improving your fitness and health is a commendable and highly rewarding step. It requires effort, dedication, and drive in order to make the most out of your fitness journey.

Understandably, this decision is a big one; Flames Fitness is here to help with a few key things to know before you undertake your fitness journey. We hope these help prepare you and make you feel more comfortable and excited to be undertaking this new adventure.

Everyone’s body is different

The first thing to remember is that everyone has a different body, and no body is a bad one. Anyone has the ability to exercise and get fit, but no one’s routine and capabilities will look similar. Throughout your journey you will have the opportunity to learn more about your own body.

If you enlist the help of our personal trainers here in Canberra, they can give insight into your progress and tailor a regime suited to your unique capabilities.

Don’t compare your progress

One of the most unhelpful things you can do for yourself is comparing your progress to others. Everyone works at different speeds and there’s no one set way to do fitness well.

Take your time at the gym as a chance to give yourself and your body undivided attention. Focus on how you’re doing and how your body is responding to your exercise regimes and classes. Getting into a contest with other people only takes the focus away from your own progress.

Celebrate small victories

You’re allowed to start small and work your way to bigger things. Setting big goals like toning your body or increasing body muscle is great for long term planning, but you need to also let yourself celebrate the little everyday things to keep pushing you forward.

If you’re usually only able to do 10 squats in one setting, but manage to do 11 the next time — that’s something to be proud of! If you finally worked up the courage to go on the treadmill, give yourself a pat on the back!

Consistency is key

Finally, one of the most important things is: don’t give up. Some weeks might be tougher than others, but the important thing is to keep trying. It’s okay to take breaks if you need to — take a few days, or even weeks off to get yourself back on track. The key thing is that you make sure you do come back.

Results won’t come quick but with enough persistence, when it does show up it’ll be worth the wait.

Talk to our friendly and experienced personal trainers at our Canberra gym today. You can contact Flames Fitness on 6257 1483 (North Lyneham) or 6285 1122 (Phillip).

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